This story of a 13-year-old girl who resorted to suicide

This is our reality

Hailey Sinclair

9/11/20232 min read

This story of a 13-year-old girl who resorted to suicide after bullying is an example of the damage bullying can do. Bullying made her life a living hell.

Sharon’s (pseudonym) long trail to death started after she tried to join the journalism club.

During registration, club members turned to her and shouted that she was wasting her time. They said ugly girls can’t be public figures. Finally, the bullies stopped shouting and gave her a chance.

Later, Sharon realized that someone had logged in to her Facebook account and posted the awful video of her trying to read like a journalist. She was shocked. Worse still, many people were making mean comments calling her too ugly and fat to anchor the news.

The following day Sharon looked sad, with swollen eyes from crying all night. The class teacher punished the two girls who started the bullying. However, Sharon remained somber for the better part of that day. When children typically attend clubs in the evening, nobody noticed that she wasn’t there. Everyone assumed she was okay and would soon be found, so they remained in the classroom. But she wasn’t.

When the students returned from the clubs, they saw Sharon lying down and unresponsive. Near her was a note with the words, “Thank you for proving to me that I was never good enough; I knew I had to end my misery.” The issue was reported, and the teachers and school nurse took her to the hospital. Unfortunately, she was pronounced dead on arrival. She overdosed on her anti-depression drugs. It was difficult for every person, including the bullies, to accept her death.

Sharon didn’t have to die. If she had someone who would encourage or believe in her, she might still be here today. People shouldn’t create negative posts on social media. Social networks are public forums where many people can see. We should encourage and cheer for others rather than bring them down.

The mission of the DreamOway organization is to educate, fight for and care for all young adults likely to become bullying victims. The founders believe that since social media strongly reinforces bullying behavior, it will be instrumental in ending the vice. The foundation wants to ensure that no other young person fails to fulfill their dream because they listened to the negative voices when there was no single word of encouragement. The core values of caring, anonymity, and justice ensure that no child is left behind and that every vision is valid.